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Perhaps you're moving abroad. Maybe you're downsizing because your children are grown. You may have a parent relocating to a seniors' residence, or perhaps the death of a family member means that you must sell the contents of a home. These types of life changes are stressful, and can be emotionally exhausting. Successful contents sales require a lot of organization, advertising, and on-site work. Rather than attempting to do everything by yourself, why not consider hiring a Toronto firm that specializes in contents sales? That way, you can rest easy knowing that all the details will be taken care of!
Planning Your Sale
First, a representative will meet with you to discuss your sale. This consultation should be completely cost-free, and without obligation. If you decide to engage the company, a convenient date will be set for the sale, which will be held onsite.
The best companies will take care of every aspect of the process, from this initial meeting to the cleanup of the house after the sale. Reputable contents sales companies charge a percentage of the money made, rather than charging a fee. This percentage can range anywhere from 30% - 50% of the proceeds, depending on what's being sold. (There may be an additional fee for junk removal, if that's required.)
Prior to the date of your sale, company personnel will visit with a professional appraiser. A contents sale firm has experience and the resources to ensure that fair market prices are set for each item. Price labels will be fixed to every item, and one of the company's staff members will take photographs.
Advertising and Organizing Your Sale
Next comes a very important part of the process: advertising. This is one crucial area where a professional contents sale operation can really make a difference to the success of your sale. These companies have thousands of contacts among antique dealers and other resellers, and can get the word out to people who are serious buyers. The company will put photos of items up on their website, as well as a notice about the date and location of the sale. Better companies will also advertise widely in the media for you. And of course, prior to the sale, signs will go up in the neighbourhood. This sort of comprehensive approach to advertising, employing both targeted internet and conventional media, helps to guarantee that a crowd will gather on the morning of your sale!
During the week before the sale, the contents sales firm will organize all of the items to be sold. Usually, items will be organized into specific areas. For example, all china will be in one part of the house, while all books will be arranged in another section. This enables buyers to find what they're looking for easily and maximizes revenue.
Better sales start early in the morning and finish mid-afternoon. Sales staff, wearing uniforms, will arrive early and station themselves throughout the house. Pay stations are generally set up in each area, guaranteeing that all items that leave the house are paid for.
Consult with a contents sale firm today; Toronto has some of the finest and most dependable companies in the business. They'll make sure that your contents sale is worry-free and very successful!
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